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2015 RGS shocks

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might be a noob question but can b someone explain how the new shocks work? only one side has the adjustment knob.
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Suspension Damping/Spring

For over 25 years, this has been a fairly routine technology solution for manufacturers and racers relative to forks for OEM's.

There are two reasons manufacturers choose this option.

1) are only building one shock that has "the damping goodies" in it. This has been routine in forks especially as it cuts cost.

2) Performance...One thing to remember forks and twin shocks are very similar in that once you bolt them on, they work as one unit.

Putting just one damping function on one fork leg helps the tuner as it throws much more energy into the one function. This allows a better window of tuning in many cases. That is why you see a lot of forks that have compression on one fork leg and rebound adjustment on the other.

A twin shock bike with just one shock having damping adjustment is not a negative necessarily.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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