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2015 Road glide special build

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Well this is my first new Harley (well almost new) 2nd Harley I have owned. I picked this up at my local HD shop with 487 miles on it. Pretty much stock except RCX 4" slip-on's and the back rest. I picked it up mid September and now have about 2500 miles on it. Since I got it I have done the DIY hidden stock antenna, Klock werks 14" sport flare windshield, acquired a set of custom highway peg mounts, a set of grips and gutted the cat out of the stock head pipe. I am planning on adding a chopped tour pack, upgraded speakers/amp, air cleaner and tuner. I'll post some of the pictures I have so far. Im going to try and get a video of the pipes this week while its still nice enough to ride.

Day I picked it up with my dad

Added the windshield.

Polished the custom mounts
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Welcome. That is a really cool picture of you guys in the background with the bike.

Lil Chief
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