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Hate to put it up for sale, but with a baby on the way I don't see myself riding for a while and could stand to free up a little money... with that all said here's what she's got.

1800 miles. Add-ons include:
-Performance Machine 21" Icon contrast cut wheel with matching rotors and metzler tire - only 300 miles on it since installation by Performance Machine.
-Factory 47 12" bars with Performance Machine grips
-Le Pera Super Villain seat
-Supertrapp Stout 4" slip-on mufflers
-Klock Works 12" sport flare windscreen
-Custom Dynamics LED turn signals (fronts have halos)
-Harley sissy bar (short height)
-Harley 4 point hardware

Pictures don't do this bike justice, I'll try to get some better ones in the next couple days.

Located in Northern Virginia


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