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2016 Roadglide Klock Werks Klip Hanger Bars NO LONGER FOR SALE

NO LONGER FOR SALE. For sale... Klockwerks Klip hanger bars 14 inch chrome. Fits 2016 Roadglide. Has pin hole on cross bar so no need to remove pin in riser. Has other pins on handlebars to orient the hand controls. Adjustable pullback via the knuckle system used to attach control bars. I have back and shoulder issues and need something with more pullback than these can give me. $325 shipped to your door. Took them out of the box and mocked them up. No scratches on chrome. Hardware not shown in pic of actual bars but I Have all of it, including the end caps for the bars and the silicone used to put them in. Over $160 off from Klockwerks price. My loss your gain. Going back to Klockwerks on Friday if no takers. Paypal only and I will pay the 3 percent so that we are both protected on the transaction. Won't ship overseas.

Thanks for looking.



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