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This is not really a "problem" as much as it is a distraction, and perhaps that's what it's intended to be....

So, here's the deal, when I'm riding with the iPod as the source for music (pretty much all the time) the Media Screen will normally display the Album Cover Art after the Music Status has been on for a few seconds. As you'd expect, when you use the left-hand joystick to get to "home" or to adjust the volume or to move to the previous or next track the Media Screen will change accordingly.

However, I find that when I've got the cruise control switched-on / active, any movement of the cruise control switch will cause the Media Screen to change from Album Cover Art back to the Music Status. A few seconds afterwards the Media Display will switch back from Music Status to Album Cover Art. For example, if I'm riding along with the cruise on and plus up or minus down the speed with a tap on the cruise control switch, the Media Display changes... then changes back.

Just curious if anyone else has noticed this behavior as there's nothing mentioned in the manuals about it.

On the one hand, it's annoying. But, on the other, it lets you know you're hitting the cruise control switch instead of the radio joystick.

Anyway, thought I'd throw that out there before mentioning it to my Service Writer when I take the bike in for the Clutch Recall Repair.
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