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2017 Laguna Orange FLTRXS ($21,000)

A spotless and scratchless RG Custom in Laguna Orange. I have many add ons as well. I have the transferable HD Extended Warranty Plan which give you 5 years (4 left). It has many parts blacked out with a few remaing. The extras are: HD Tourpack (color matched) with removable base. Internally wired antenna, Screaming Eagle 4.5 In pipes, Screaming Eagle Stage 1 air cleaner, pro street tuner, klockwerks winshield, rider backreast and Progressive monotunes suspension. It is adult owned and very smooth. There are a few more small accessories as well that I am not going to list. Located in El Paso, TX

I have all the original parts that go with the vehicle also (stock seat, windshield, pipes, aircleaner...).


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