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This is the Hard Candy Hot Red Flake paint set ($3k upgrade). Bike has currently 6,200 miles, but i will continue to ride until sold. I just did the 5k service with Amsoil so your good till 10,000 miles. Bike has the HD heavy breather and Rinehart Slip ons, and I also installed Klock Werks 10" mini apes in Chrome just to get my hands a bit higher than stock with some new HD grips. Other than that pretty much stock. Bike is just about 1 year old now. I'm the original owner. Registration just paid good till Sept. 2018

Looking to get $22k for it. Selling to get a blacked out 2018. Was going to black out mine, but just seems easier and cost effective to get a 2018. Bike is MINT..NO scratches.

Call Steve @ 925-984-9404 for more information.


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