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New to the forum, but been riding over 35 years. Currently have a new 2017 Road Glide Ultra. I have the tour pak set up with the quick release. About 2 months ago, I installed the HD14-TKIT kit from Rockford Fosgate which includes the TM400 amp and (2) TM-S65 front speakers. I purchased the (2) additional TM-S65's for the tour pak. As the wiring from the amp has to go to the rear speakers, I made a waterproof quick connect plug so when the tour pak is removed, I just cable the wire harness under the seat. For the last month and half, no issues at all, sounded phenomenal. About a week ago I noticed the stereo sound stop then come on after a number of minutes. Even if the bike is sitting in accessory mode listing to the stereo, it does that. I assumed it is getting hot and shutting down or the gains are set to high. I currently have the tour pak off the bike. For those of you who have put one of these amp in, it mounts underneath the head unit, not on top like the street glide. It makes it difficult to make any adjustments when its mounted. So far here is what I have done:

1) Checked the speaker connections at both front speakers
2) Wiring is correct and amp grounded back to the battery as instructions suggest.
3) Checked the gain adjustment per the instructions
4)Checked that internal fans on the amp are working

I tie wrapped the amp up out front so I could see if any change. I let the stereo run for probably 30 min in accessory mode with the amp in 2 ch mode. It appeared to be warm, but not excessive hot and never clipped or shut off intermittently. I than turned the bike off and put the amp in 4ch mode. The tour pak is currently off so only the front speakers active. It APPEARED to me, that when I ran it for another 15 minutes or so, the amp became blistering hot. It did not clip or shut off, but I'm sure it would have if id left the music on.

Is it possible that when the amp is in 4ch mode, and I remove the tour pak, that somehow the amp still senses the rear speakers because the rear wire harness is plugged into the amp, and continues trying to drive the rear speakers even though their not there, thus heating up the amp?

Im out of ideas??

I REALLY appreciate any help anyone may have


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