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Friends, Riders, Countrymen ! My sincere hope for your safe and happy Christmas, Holidays and New Year ! Ok. I need your input/vote/help. It's time for me to get down to the serious business of the following. EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE ! Here ya go:

1. TYPE OF EVENT: Please tell me what you would like to do for our 2017 Ride Event; SS1K, Escorted police ride & BBQ, BBQ event and fund raiser, etc, etc.

2. DATE: I have excellent availability the month of June to deliver the event. If ok with you, I'd like to target June.

3. LOCATION: If we are going to do an SS1K (same start & finish) I see good flexibility for locations; of course to get back into the lane of doing a quality event I have the best contacts in Northern VA. Next would be VA Beach area. I'm betting Fayetteville NC AO would also be accommodating for us.

4. OUR CHARITY: Wreaths Across America is a worthy cause. But I don't want to close the door on other worthy people or issues. We could even do a 50/50; 50% to wreaths and 50% to another issue. I just want to make sure YOU like our target audience AND its a target we can gain tons of support.

Ok. My comms are open and I welcome your input -- PLEASE ! Distro this email by shotgunning it to your address book if you are so inclined. If you prefer to call me just email me and I'll arrange a time.

All my best, Jimbo

RIDE EVENT EMAIL: [email protected]
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