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I am holding out for the new Streetfighter in 2021...(famous Last words)

The Mgr from my shop and I have been texting and he says the FXDR is legit and not a hopped up Fatbob at all.....called me a dumb ass for even saying that guy

Also sent me these pics and said he already has my paperwork drawn up......hate that guy

This is NOT a CVO and it has the new faring on can tell as there is no bag lid speakers and it is running the 114
I like that color scheme best of all the RG versions for 2019. Of course everyone knows orange is the sexiest color, and flat black is the fastest color .... so how can you lose? !!! Haven't seen them live but the one thing in the pics that looks very strange to me is the floorboards. Maybe just the pic quality here.

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Russell Mitchell

I always enjoyed the Exile builds. Russell was doing fat front ends, flat black and nickel and/or brushed stainless long before it became fashionable. Too bad he was such an arrogant asswipe. Couldn't stand him but loved his bikes. Is he still in business? I always thought that he and John Shoppe should have gotten together and formed a new shop called "Ego Cycles".
yeah he's still in cali selling $70K bikes to movie stars. you know he used to be a dentist hehe

he really is a nice guy; he answers the phone himself, and is very cordial and patient

he built a calendar bike similar to the Fat Bloke that i used as inspiration for "Blackie"
fat tires on skinny fenders
stretched swingarm
flat track bars w/hidden throttle & brake lines.
black anodized foot controls
that "sprotor" really cleans up the show side of the bike.
and the "droopy dick" brake light to top it off.

he runs 200 front tires on those bikes. no thanks lol
but they are unique and cool lookin' :cool:
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