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I am newer here, I purchased my first Road glide in September 21. I never thought I would like this bike, but I love it.
I did a stage 2 right out of the gate, with Rinehart 4.5 slip ons for now. went old school on air cleaner. 12" Factory 47, Expended floor board and break and shifter
Upgraded suspension system to legends front and back, Arlen Ness Hot Legs, machined cut, had my old Mustang solo that was on my FLHTP reupholstered, added gel inserts. etc., added the Empire collection for mirrors, floor boards, and a upgrade. and a wrap front fender. oh and i had him stripped.
I am pretty happy, Not bad for a girls bike,
My husbands friends call him the Versace Davidson LOL
i just call him Gus

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