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21" renegade whistler phantom cut wheel

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21" renegade wheels whistler phantom cut with dual matching cog drive rotors, abs 25mm bearings (08-15)
And a metzler tire. Less than 400 miles on setup. Wheel is absolutely spotless. Like brand new.
MSRP on wheel setup is $2350 with tire

Asking $1800 plus half shipping conus. If using paypal add 3%

Can change to single sided rotor setup and sell for $1650

Also have a Klock werks slicer 21" fender that will be for sale if wheel sells for $450. Not even a week old paint is FLAWLESS. it is sedona orange with factory pin striping, but can have it painted any color for an additonal $50 and it will be pristine no hack paintjob

If you want a package deal we can work one out

Pm me with interest or text/call
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Im interested in the fender. Give me first shot. My bike is sedona orange. I am looking for a Chrome set of PM Hooligan Wheels non abs.
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