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21 vs. 23 inch, To rake or not to rake!!

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Okay, so I'm at the point of putting some serious money into my bike and I can't decide if I want to go with a 21" wheel or rake have a reputable builder cut and rake the frame and go with a 23". It is obviously more expensive to rake it but I'd rather only do this once.

As of now I plan to do extended bags and do the rear fender but I'm still unsure about doing the longer stretched bags and fender. Obviously I have a budget and I'm trying to keep this within a certain amount but certain things are better done together. I guess it comes down to a few choices.

1. Keep the front end stock and go with a 21" rim with normal extended bags.
2. Rake the front and go with a 23" rim with normal extended bags and a rear fender.
3. Rake the front and go with a 23" rim with longer extended bags and a rear fender.

Obviously, Number #3 would be what I want to do but the cost along with the other things I'm doing is going to put me over budget. Who has been here and what did you do? I only want to do a lot of this once and would rather not change the fender/bags or front rim in a year or two. Do those of you with 21" rims wish you went bigger? Do those of you with 23" in rims have any regrets.... and no, not meaning wishing you went with a 26" inch rim LOL.

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I know, but looked at two different bikes at this shop and didn't like the look of the bike that wasn't raked. It looked funny to me, sort of like the front end was stubby or hit a wall and was pushed in. Hard to explain to be honest. No offense if your bike isn't raked I just liked the raked look better.
I have a 21 and won't go bigger. Love the look and ride of it. All I'll say is the long swept bags and fender too ME belong with a 26. Something like the black death kit looks a little too long with a 23. Just my opinion
That is a good point that I didn't think about. It'll be cheaper if I don't go with the longer extended bags and fender. All of the bikes I looked at with the longer bags were 26 or bigger. Thx.
Then cut it. 7/7. Then you can always go with a 26 with just swapping out the trees. Here's my word of advice. Whatever size you decide make sure your happy with your decision. I regret not going to a 30. I will do it next year.
I guess that means I am going with a 23". I do love the look and think I'll be happy with the 21", at least for a while. A 26" or 30" is too big for me although I think it looks bad ass, again, at least I say that now LOL.
Thanks, I'm researching them now. I am having DD Customs do my bike and also emailed Dave to hear his thoughts. As long as I've known him he has always been honest and a straight shooter so I figured what the hell.

Do you guys have any feedback on him? He is local to me and I know does quality work.
I reached out to Ken and he said Tricky, HHI, and Pickard are the ones he'd consider. I asked Dave and he said he wouldn't do the Arlen Ness because of issues.

Dave (DD Customs) has a bike on his website with the Tricky front end.
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