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I have a question for the ones that have done this already......
I just ordered my wheels and going with a 21" up front. My bike is a 2012 custom, which is lowered 1" front and rear from the factory, I'm going to be doing the mono tubes at the same time I install my wheels (in 6-8 weeks) I'll be doing the full 2" drop in the front to level the bike back out after the bigger wheel goes up front. My question that all there is to it, install 21" wheel and -2" mono tubes. I just don't want to lower the front another inch and install the wheel just to find out I'm going to have a clearance problem with the bottom of my trees and my fender at full compression.

Is there no need to worry about the Clarence or is there something that I'm missing here

Thanks in advance for your input/advice

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