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I left Rifle, CO around 8:00 am and went up through the rest of CO taking I-70, I-76 & I-25 up to Cheyenne WY where I then took WY 85 up to SD where I took SD 85 to I-90. I was running through a lot of rain showers but I made Rapid City around 8:00 pm.

The route you took from CO to Rapid city is how I rode home from Sturgis.. I took the same route to Cheyenne and then hit the hwy and made a pit stop in Estes Park, CO... It really was a nice scenic route, but IMO the best riding in the black hills was the Needles Hwy, it was Probably the best part of the trip, the Rocky Mountain National park was a close second..

Now the ride from Pueblo, CO through Kansas back to Oklahoma, that was definitely not a highlight of the trip..
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