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I'm new to this forum and to the road glide family, thought I'd share the longest adventure to date, although, I was on a batwing. last year with our vacation days arranged, my wife and I set off, for mountains, national parks, cities, and Sturgis. Leaving Southern Indiana just before daylight we rode strait through to Fort Dodge Iowa, where we intended to stay. Little did we know there was a big concert in this little town and every room was full. At midnight we had to ride another three hours to Sioux city Iowa to find a room.

With a few hours of sleep we continued, blue sky and warm temperatures carry us through the afternoon, we reach Wall Drug in South Dakota. After seeing signs for hundreds of miles we stop and take a look around, and get some lunch. I have booked us a room in Chadron Nebraska for a couple of nights, due to the room prices around Sturgis. After deciding we needed to see the Badlands National Park, we take off and have perfect weather for a tour of the park. After realizing the sun was dropping from the sky, and being hours away from Chadron the only logical thing (in my mind) to do is take a shortcut, exiting the backside of the Badlands, as shortcuts normally work, we ended up riding into an Indian Reservation. At one point a herd of wild horses ran into the road in front of me. After several hours in the dark and my gas light on, we were relieved when arriving to a town.

As luck would have it, this was not a normal town, this town is an Indian Res town. On this particular night, this town was having a pow-wow. What that means is there is drunken Indians speeding up and down the road on 4x4s and in cars, as a single police officer sat and watches helplessly. The one gas station had a line of cars a 1/4mile long waiting on a gas pump. After hastily fueling, and speeding out of town we finished the ride to our hotel and got some sleep.

We rode into Sturgis the next day by all the scenic routes, through Custer park, Mount Rushmore and all the standard Sturgis roads. All day long a solid stream of bikes. At one point we did end up in the middle of a herd of Buffalo in the road with us, a little close for comfort. After getting a bikini girl bike wash, shopping, eating, and just looking at all the madness in Sturgis, it was time to go. Good thing we left when we did due do to nasty storms that came in shortly after leaving.

The next morning we said goodbye to our room in Chadron and headed back to Sturgis for the day. By afternoon we were ready to go. I had a room booked in Gillette Wyoming for that night. Shortly after getting on the road we noticed this giant black cloud directly in our path of travel. I twist on the throttle and get us to the Hotel just as the sky opens up.

The next day brought with it beautiful weather. We were able to ride into Cody Wyoming, to our temporary home for the next two days, without incident.

We awoke the next morning to rain, that didn't stop us from riding into Yellowstone National Park. We seen most of the park and Old Faithful. We were not impressed by anything we saw that day. Trying to leave we got in miles of traffic because there was Buffalo on the side of the road, and people loose there minds. The best part of Yellowstone is the road from Cody to the park.

The next day the rain had quit and the weather was perfect for the ride north from Cody to 296 up the Beartooth Highway. Some of the best riding in the Country. On the other side of the Beartooth we stopped in the town of Red Lodge for lunch and bought a T-shirt at the Harley shop. I don't recall the name of the restaurant but I had a burger with two grilled cheese as buns.

Some days of riding across the flat lands of Montana got us to Glacier National Park. Climbing the Going to the Sun road is one of the most spectacular roads anywhere!! We were stopped in road construction and I did not care. I found out first hand not to get to close to the Rams, because they will charge.

The next day we spent in the park hiking and riding the Going to the Sun Road again. After leaving the Park we road Hwy 2 across Idaho, and Hwy 20 across Washington. We took a Fairy across north of Seattle and stayed in Port Angeles for a night. Not a nice town.

After a night of little sleep we hit Hwy 101 and headed South through Rain Forest. The little bit of traffic we came across was logging trucks driving way to fast. After stopping in Forks Washington for breakfast, Which is the darkest town in the USA, we continued South on 101 into Oregon. We rode along the coast on Hwy 101 through most of Oregon, until Coos Bay where we turned and took Hwy42 and Hwy138 to Crater Lake National Park.

Crater Lake was nice despite colder temps at the top and some rain. We left out South on Hwy 62, which was very nice through a forest with some very large trees. We stopped at this very busy little log cabin restaurant, and had lunch and some excellent pie. We continued on, turning on Hwy 199 or the Redwood Hwy.

The Redwood Hwy took us toward the coast in California where we first saw the Giant Redwoods. The Redwoods really are amazing. We got a room for the next 3 nights in the Redwood Forest at an Indian Casino. We didn't realize that the only part of the resort that was finished was the Hotel part. The rooms were very nice, but we saw 3 fist fights between the local Indians during our stay.

In three days we seen enough of the Redwoods and moved on South down Hwy 101. When we came to Hwy 1 Pacific Coast Hwy We turned and went. The first section of HWY 1 is one of the curviest roads I have ever been on, we also saw some Elk. We stayed on Hwy 1 for several days almost to LA. HWY 1 is a great road to do once, but the further South we went the worse the traffic became, and the fog is thick almost always. We did see some Whales and Elephant Seals.

In San Fransisco we went across the Golden Gate Bridge and down town to where we could see Alcatraz. This is the craziest city I have ever been in. We got turned around and rode from one end to the other on city streets, my nerves were shot.

After getting a room for the night we Continued South on Hwy 1 for a ways. We decided that enough was enough, and wanting to stay out of La traffic we rode inland. It was a beautiful ride that day as soon as we left the coast we climbed a Mountain, the fog gave way to sun and vineyards. The vineyards gave way to desert with long strait roads. Finally we stopped in Barstow for the night.

That night I decided that we would go to Vegas for two nights. The next morning we took off into the vast desert on I15 to Vegas, it was hot and strait for hours.

After Two days in a Vegas Resort and not moving the bike from the parking garage, we headed out to make the long trek home. We left on I15 into Utah. With just enough time for another detour we went into Zion National Park. Zion is beautiful with towering red rocks and tunnels. After we left the park we managed our way to I70. I70 through Utah is one of the most beautiful roads in America. Making our way, just after dark into Grand Junction CO, we got a room for the night.

The next day was I70 through CO and over some very tall Mountains. That was the coldest day of riding I have ever had, because of the rain and 30degree temps. By the time we got into Denver the rain temporally stopped, but in the distance on the plains the sky was black. We powered on and hit that black storm, very hard rain with small Hail fell. I told my wife to get down behind me, and I gave my Harley everything it had, 30min later we outran the storm.

The rest was just a boring ride through Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and back home into Indiana. I will post pics soon.

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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you had a n adventure for sure.
I always go to Yellowstone before or after school starts. All that traffic during the summer months takes its toll on you. Especially if you on a bike.
Couldnt agree with you more on the road to Cody. One of my favorites.
I try to avoid the Indian reservations.....they are flat freaky.
Me and the wife went up through Glacier last year in October. Got into Browning (indian res.) There were packs of dogs running in the streets. Drunken indians staggering around and cops all over with people pulled over. Didnt stay there that night!!!!!
Ride Safe
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