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*** SOLD ***

Changing up my audio system and no longer need these. Perfect working condition.

Biketronics BT355 Line Levelers

No More Flash Headaches!

Our new BT355 Line Leveler allows you to install an aftermarket amp and speaker system on your 2014 and up HD without flashing the radio.

Included in our 2014+ amp packages.


Removes bass distortion when connecting an amp to the factory 2014+ radio
High quality three stage circuit for optimal sound quality and precise filtering
Adjustable level and frequency
Adapts high (speaker) level inputs to pre-amp outputs

For 2014 and up stock HD radio*
*NOTE - Ultra models do not have a rear speaker connector in the fairing, we have a break-out harness for this that will be an option soon. For now please contact Biketronics for Ultra models.
$115 shipped for the pair
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