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2x Sena SMH5 units $140.00

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2 Like new SMH5 units. 1 has mounts for a FF and 1 has mounts for a 1/2 helmet. SOLD SOLD SOLD

Includes all mounting, speakers ect...

Both are like new and in perfect working order. They work great with Bluetooth to connect with the HD Zumo GPS units.

You can get GPS directions, music , phone and rider to rider communication.

I won one of these at SW5 last year and the other was given to me to use as a pair. I plan on upgrading to the SMH10 because I have friends that I ride with that use the SMH10's. You can connect with the SMH10 but its limited to 2 units.


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Head unit

Interested any pic's?
my apologies. the pic did not add to the post.

These are the units, I can add pics of the speakers / mics as well but they are pretty standard and in new condition.

The difference between the FF and 1/2 helmet is mostly the Mic.

FF has a mic that is on a wire and gets attached inside the FF helmet.

1/2 helmet has a mic on a boom that is attached to the side of the helmet.

Both setups work well, and you can buy the kit to turn them into either FF or 1/2 for around $25.00 on amazon.
Good units. I have a set as well and never had an issue. I have the 10's on the half helmets now. Good price for sure.
Head Set

PM sent on the head set
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