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Can anyone tell me what I need to do for a 50,000 mile check up, if anythign special? getting ready to turn it on the way home from work tonight and want to egt it done ebfore my trip to Bikes Blues and BBQ, I knwo I should have the manual and it is in the mail just want to egt a head start on it this weekend if there is anythign special I have to do. TIA

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This is the 50,000 mile service for a 2010 Road Glide-

Engine oil and filter

Oil lines and brake system
Inspect for leaks, contact or abrasion

Air cleaner
Inspect, service as required

Check pressure, inspect tread

Wheel spokes (if equipped)
Check torque

Primary chaincase lubricant

Check adjustment

Drive belt and compensator sprocket
Inspect, adjust belt

Brake and clutch controls
Check and lubricate

Jiffy stand
Inspect and lubricate

Fuel lines and fittings
Inspect for leaks, contact or abrasion

Fuel tank filter Replace

Brake fluid
Check levels and condition

Brake pads and discs
Inspect for wear

Spark plugs

Electrical equipment and switches
Check operation

Front fork oil

Air suspension
Check pressure, operation and leakage

Windshield bushings (if applicable)

Fuel door, Tour-Pak, saddlebags (if equipped)
Lubricate hinges and latches

Critical fasteners
Check tightness

Check battery and clean connections

Exhaust system
Inspect for leaks, cracks, and loose or missing fasteners or heat shields 3

Road test
Verify component and system functions
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