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6.5" speakers in inner fairing

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I have seen the pics that Nakedsnowman posted with a second set of 6.5" speakers mounted in the inner fairing. Has anyone attempted this? Are there any tricks to use or any info ? I am pretty mechanically inclined but kinda nervous about cutting a couple of holes in the inner fairing. Never cut any holes before in anything to mount speakers before. Just looking for some advice or tips. Thanks.
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I don't recommend the clips. You'll have a gap from the inner fairing to the speaker. I'm a neat freak. Use allen head bolts and a nut. Flusher look.

It's all about patience. TXOSO is attempting this. He and I have been PMing regarding his mod. He got an angle drill and bit to cut out the holes. I used my dremel with a attachment that's like a snake
. Made it a little easier for me. I did notch my glove boxes, but I also have a homemade liner so you'll never know they're cut out some.

My local dealer took some pics of the finished work on front and bags. They liked the idea of speaker lids rather than the inside ones.
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The SPS-600's are a little deep. They pressed against the glove box. Since I don't really use them much except for spare glasses, I just cut a matching cut to the magnet. Not really alot missing from the glove box. And like I said, with the liners, nobody would know it. I don't sacrifice stuff for sound. If you want shallow speakers, feel free. I'll take the bigger cone, magnet, voice coil any day. I'm very picky when it comes to music. Yea, it may sound good, but mine will sound better...LOL.

Those Polks are a good choice. My 6x9's are the in the same series. Guys at HawgWired saw them and said those are some of the best around. Focal of course is better. But I'm not about to shell out $250 for a pair.....Yet...

Save a few pennies:
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