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6.5" speakers in inner fairing

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I have seen the pics that Nakedsnowman posted with a second set of 6.5" speakers mounted in the inner fairing. Has anyone attempted this? Are there any tricks to use or any info ? I am pretty mechanically inclined but kinda nervous about cutting a couple of holes in the inner fairing. Never cut any holes before in anything to mount speakers before. Just looking for some advice or tips. Thanks.
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I did it on my bike, took a couple hours start to finish.

I used a spiral saw bit on a dremel to cut the openings.
The speakers should come with templates for the holes.
Make sure you use low profile speakers to clear the glove boxes.
It's a but awkward but you can get the holes cut without removing the fairing. (the smaller the dremel you can use, the better)
Wiring is up to you, I fabbed some pins to use the rear speaker outputs on my stereo. (it's not the original stereo. It's an older unit from an ultra).
The speakers themselves will mount with something like this:

I was only able to get three because of the tightness of the area. Three seems to be enough so far.

Overall, its an easy upgrade and really adds a lot to the sound.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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