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Why would they put a stroker crank in a 96" that's just bored .10 over?

Well, I got my bike back a few weeks ago. It is a total motor rebuild. The cylinders were bored .010 over and heads reworked. I paid to have the machine work done in Memphis, so I paid for the shipment, that was not covered by the ESP. The entire guts of the motor were replaced. Stroker crank assembly, oil pump plus parts. The only things not replaced were the adjustable push rods, and the cases.

Besides the motor work was the primary resealed and they said there was a leak on the alternator plug. So they replaced the stator too. The only thing that was recommended was the clutch had burned plates and worn pads. I paid for a Screaming Eagle Clutch Pak.

Total cost added up on the receipt was $3622.My part was the $50 deductible and the clutch pak. Total cost was $218. I figure I got a great deal for a new motor.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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