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This won't be as elaborate as some other member's builds, but I figured now that 2 years have passed it's time to follow suit and start a thread on my bike's redirection. I have some plans for the bike but nothing that will change it's identity completely.

How it sat the day it was delivered to my house

The Modification List Start to Present:

4 Point Docking Hardware Chrome (Powdered Black)

Detachable Passenger Sissy Bar Upright Standard Height (Powdered Black)

Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit - Short Angled (Powdered Black) (REMOVED)

Detachable Two up Tour Pack Rack (Powdered Black)

Locking Detach Kit

Rear Docking Hardware Cover Kit (x2)

Saddle Bag Liners

Madstad 13" Windshield Dark Smoke Tint

Wheel Dock EZ-Up Center Stand

CVO Rumble Collection Highway Pegs (Powdered Black)

Boom Fairing Mounted Antenna


Full Sac X pipe (C series) ***SOLD***

Full Sac Muffler Cores

TTS Master Tune

Custom Dynamics Brake Modulator

Mid-Frame Air Deflectors (REMOVED)


Gerbing - panel mounted port (x2)

Iron Aces GPS Mount

Saddle Bag Guards (Powdered Black)

Rumble Collection Passenger Floorboards (SOLD)

Passenger Floor Board Frame Mounts

Chrome Fork Air Baffle (Powdered Black)

Daymaker Headlight

Exhaust Heat Shields (Ceramic Coated)

CVO Mufflers (Ceramic Coated)

Cross Under Pipe (Ceramic Coated)

King Tour-Pak

CVO KING Tour-Pak Backrest

Air Wing Tour-Pak Luggage Rack (Powdered Black)

Retractable Tour-Pak Lid Tether

Tour-Pak Premium Hinges (Gloss Black)

Tour-Pak Premium Latches (Gloss Black)

Performance Machine Contour Grips

Performance Machine Torque Mirrors

CycleSmiths XL Banana Boards (Gloss Black)


Linby Unibar (Gloss Black)

My Saddlebag Security Kit

My Seat Security Kit (Gloss Black)

My Stainless 4 point bushing kit

CD Dynamic Ringz and

CD Signal Stabilizer

CM Maverick DS 21"/17" wheel combo

Commander II tires

Solo Tour Pack Rack with sidewall chopped

Progressive Monotubes (1" drop)

BR Sweeping Beaters (14")

Kenwood KDC-X998 (Awaiting AMPs/Speakers)

Hawg Wired six-pack system, handlebar control

V-Twin Audio VTRCR, VTRA dash adapter & VTWCR Watercover

SiriusXM Tuner

Parts that have been Powder Coated:

Floor Board Mounts

Brake Pedal

Heel(removed)/Toe Shifters

Air Intake Pipe

Front Turn Signal Housings

Lower Fairing Mount Brackets

Saddle Bag Lid Brackets

Saddle Bag Guards

Mangaflow Pro Duals

Parts Awaiting Install:

Vented Fairing Lowers

Parts Still to Come For Round 1:

LED (blue) Fuel Gauge/Gas Cap

CFR Black Double Fluted mufflers (If I can locate some)

Native Customs Pitbull fat front tire kit

Coastal moto 17x6 front with 200 tire

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Looks good! Best color combo ever;). When did you get the color matched Tour-Pak? Last I remember you had a plan blue one.

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Looks good! Best color combo ever;). When did you get the color matched Tour-Pak? Last I remember you had a plan blue one.
I picked it up last year from a member on the CVO forum for about half the retail price. He bought it with his bike, and traded it about 500 miles later. Now if I could find a razor at that price I'd be set.

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Love what you've done with it. A tech at a dealer in Columbus has the same bike and did the Ultra conversion on it. I tried to get him to take mine and some cash and he wouldn't part with it. IMO it was the perfect bike for me. Right bike in the right color scheme.

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Looking good..........Those bag guards & fairing brackets are especiallly nice !! LOL!!!!!!:D

BTW- dropped your stuff off at David's Tuesday............

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Dang near forgot about those.......maybe we can market those as " Invisi-Brackets" !! LOL!!
I figured I'd post a pic of what Jetman is referring to as "Invisi-Brackets." This was just an annoyance for me to have them chrome. With the TP off they just jumped out at me, but now they blend in with the frame and aren't at all noticeable. Now if I could just get the corresponding lid plates done I'd be happy.


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Going through the process of blacking out all the chrome parts had to be a royal pita... that looks like a LOT of work. Final product came out nicely.

One thing that I just could not do was the King Tour-Pak... Chopped Tour-Pak was as high as I could go... I lost some storage space, but I just could not do it... Razor would have looked even better, but completely impractical, unless you are delivering pizzas...

Nicely done man, nicely done!

Having some fun comparing the black out look with the original look. Hope it is okay with you...

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