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A couple of pics

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Here are a couple of pics of the FLTRU with new blacked-out front end, chrome calipers, black ISO grips, black lighted mirrors and CVO handlebars. Sorry for the poor picture quality.

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I got the Windvest pretty soon after I got the bike. It is a 14" but it still isn't enough shield. Apparently, you sit higher on the Ultra anyway and then add in the hammock seat and backrest and I am still getting the wind right about the center of the forehead.
Bike looks Great! I like the add ons you've put on. I've not heard the "Boom" Speakers but its got to b an improvement!
Whats your opinion on the CVO bars compared to stock ones? I've seen them on a 2011 at a Dealer but didnt ask to sit on someones $36,000 motorcycle to b, u-no?
I rode a buddy's bike with Heritage bars and then sat on the CVO. To me, they have about the same pullback, etc., as the Heritage bars, but are wider. The Heritage bars seemed a little too narrow for me.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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