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A good ergonomics test!

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Do a 1000mi/24hr(aka Saddlesore 1000) ride. Just went from Anchorage-Fairbanks-Haines on the '09. Pretty pleased with the setup so far. The bike ran flawlessly. The 12" KW windscreen suits me(I'm 6'3"...the 16" is too distracting for me, as I don't like to look through a windscreen. A 14" would be perfect, but they don't make one!). The stock handlebars are fine by me. Definitely glad I have the Boom speaker upgrade, as tunes were a welcome distraction. The LePera Sorrento seat was plenty comfortable.

Just before I reached the US/Canada border, I became very grateful that I chose not to lower my bike! The "highway" from there to Burwash Landing in Canada was hands down the worst road conditions I've ever been on. Hard to even describe. When you weren't on loose gravel, you were on frost heaves and ruts from hell. Went completely airborne a couple times. Had my bike been lowered, I would have surely ran out of travel and either broke something, or lost control. Had the rear shocks pumped up to 45 psi, and the Progressive Suspension Monotube fork kit worked great. I can only imagine what a phycological blow this stretch of road was to the Hoka Hey riders, after traveling 6-7k miles, and be greeted with that ordeal! The guys that finished, have grit. Met a few at the local shop, and on the road. All great people.

My time wound up sucking at 23 hours. I think I hit every road construction project in the state of AK! Easily lost 2-3 hours with that. Then, I rolled into Beaver Creek, YT too late to get gas, and had to wait until 6:30AM for the pumps to open(lost another 3 hours). With no delays, should have been able to do it in 16-18 hours. Oh well, just glad to have done it, and more pleased with this bike, than I have words for! Forgot to add that mileage averaged at 41.44 MPG.

Time to find breakfast, and catch the ferry to Juneau.

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I did my saddlesore and bun Burner on 2 day back to back rides, over 1500 miles in under 35 hours....wish I had my RG then, was on my old lowered Fatboy with 20 inch apes......thought my A$$ would never quit Burning! LOL
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