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So i was browsing Ebay and came across this item from PYLE

(i know, I know.....pyle of &#%)
but I was a little suprised

it is the PLMRKT4A Its a marine grade amp that came with (4) 6.5" speakers.

here is what I found:

-Rated at 300W x 4 @ 2 ohms (actually about 250w on my meter)
-VERY compact
-RCA input or Speaker level input
-Remote adjustable gain
-Paintable speakers

-Has some clipping at 95% volume when you really push the amp with some FFDP or bullet for my valentine...heavy rock/metal
-Speakers are all one peice not grills and speakers seperate.

Volume at speed is TREMENDOUS
stock radio / stock windshield the radio is nearly unheard at any speed over 70 with no lid. With this set-up the vocals were very clear and loud well over 80mph. At a standstill, not running, IS DEAFENING!!!! I also didn't notice any "draw" like on a car battery with the dimming lights and such.

I am going with the RF amps and speakers or maybe the Focal, I have been looking at them as well. This was just an experiment I figured I would share

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Thanks for the review.
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