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A little garage time-lapse video

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My two son's were over today and helped me put some 1.5" spacers in the forks to regain some fender to triple tree clearance, after I dropped the front end by 2".
My youngest just got a new GoPro and filmed a bit of it in time-lapse.

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He had some restrictions on the FB vid that I hadn't noticed.

Stand by..... :)
Okay. My youngest posted the vid to YouTube.


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turbochrisb - That a Harbor Freight jack. Seems pretty stable but, I won't lift more than one end of the bike at a time. 850lbs of bike balanced on one point scares the crap out of me.
Cool video, way to keep the kids involved
Thanks! This is the ride group. My two boys, my honey (sometime on her own bike. sometimes on mine), my eldest's wife on her own bike and my youngest with his GF. This is how we spend most every weekend in the warmer weather. We're all heading for Daytona in March. Four (maybe five) bikes in tow.
But, wait. I feel like a spring chicken. (no offense taken)

I have a lot of fun with those boys. We'll be going to Daytona and Laconia, together this year.

The eldest rides a 2000 Dyna...heavily modified. The youngest (with the beard) is on a 2012 SG. Both my youngest and I are recent H/D converts, coming from the sport bike side. I still ride the track.
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Cool Little Video.
Man you guys work fast, LOL.
Two words: Espresso Machine :)
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