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Hello fellow members. I've been working on a '65 Impala and several members here asked various questions about it and wanted to see pictures. I had asked our admins for special section on our site to discuss "other" motorized vehicles that you may have in your garage, or have long dreamed of having. Let's face it, many, if not most of us here are motor heads and love all things that go vroom! JTB stepped up and created one for us - thank you Jack. It was easy talking him into it as I knew he had a slightly rusty red Yugo stored out in his chicken coop that he's just been dying to resto-mod! He envisions gaining lots of HP by stuffing a blower on the stock motor ..... but I think he'd accomplish the same results by painting a coupe white racing stripes on it.

Anyways. here's a new addition to the site that allows us to talk with other members about any kind of vehicle you want - antique, classical, muscle, contemporary muscle, rat rods, street rods, non-RG motorcycles, monster trucks ...... and even Yugos! Got a project we can follow? Start your own thread here and tell us about it and post plenty of pics.

Have fun with this. There are only two rules: 1) No more than 3 posts discussing engine oils are allowed on any thread
2) No discussions on which wind shield is best - unless you're chopping the top!
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