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I bought a 2011 RGC with 10k miles on it about a month ago. Shortly afterwards, I was going to do some upgrades (cams, exhaust, air cleaner etc) and was going to use my buddies Powervision to tune it since you can just buy a license. The PV wouldn't read the ECM indicating it was locked. After talking with Brian at FuelMoto he indicated they typically see this if a TTS is married to the bike which after I took it to the dealer and they played around with it trying to reflash it (inlcuding just updating the ABS settings to see if they could do anything at all), they contacted the previous owner who indicated that he did have a Blue TTS dongle for it somewhere which he sent to us. Issue is that after attempting to flash the bike, the ABS light is now on permanently with DTC C1158.

I figured once we received the TTS and the ECM was unlocked. the dealer would be able to reflash to the stock settings and clear the ABS light. No issues flashing to the stock settings but they tried updating the ABS as well but the light is still on with a C1158 DTC. Per the below DTC code breakdown, does anyone know what solution 7.11 is? I'm not sure if there is an actual calibration they need to perform using their scan tool but it doesn't seem like it's anything they are aware of. Apprecaite any insight before I take it back. I did read in the service manual I'm pretty sure that it may take up to 50 power cycles for the ECM to reset but the code doesn't seem to be going away either when trying to reset manually through the odometer button method. Could a blown fuse cause this issue as I'm going to check that this evening just in case.

DTC: C1158
FAULT CONDITION: Calibration programming required
SOLUTION: 7.11 DTC C1158

Thanks in advance,

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