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A couple of months ago i replaced my front ABS sensor due to an intermittent ABS light and Code.
that did not cure the problem!

Further troubleshooting i found a broken wire in the ABS harness connected to the front wheel sensor under the left front fairing.
I cut it out spliced and repaired end of that problem!

Riding out to PA from Mass last week about 200 miles into the trip the ABS light comes on while riding. Stopped and checked codes there are none? Cycled the ing switch ABS was flashing normal, start riding and it goes out but comes back on a short time later. Again checked codes and NONE?

Seems when you cycle the Ign sw its normal until you start riding BUT it's not throwing any codes for the ABS.

The only codes i got are B-1121 and B-1122 left turn and right turn output fault or open. All my lights are working correctly? Not sure why they're throwing codes

Has anybody experienced slimier issues with ABS

thanks, paul
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