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Added Another Splash Of Color Today

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It has the Black widow look about it.
Oh God I hate spiders! But, that's kind of a cool name for the bike.
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Were you dipping again?
I got rid of all my plastidip and had everything powder coated, the only thing I had to paint was the button to release the gas cap cover (there's plastic inside it) and the vents for the fairing lowers, those are just painted, not dipped.
How well does the Go Pro work mounted on the windshield. Thought about putting mine there but was concerned about cowl shake affecting the camera.
The GoPro works stellar there, I was going to mount it between the head lamps but was concerned about the ambient light, I get a little vibration while the bike's not moving, but once up to even city speed, it's rock solid.
What's up with your fuel cover? It looks sprung out of shape from the pics.
I just didn't install the catch yet, it sits just fine now!

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Soooo.....I'm guessing your original paint scheme is totally out the window now
Which one Mark, Packer or White Denim?
I hope u can peel that off. To each their own I get it, but that looks hideous.
And I think the Razor Paks look equally as hideous, but like you said, to each his own. Ford/Chevy, Blondes/Brunettes, Coke/Pepsi, Big tits/Nice ass, whatever you like man, don't let anybody sway you on what you like. Well, except for the nice ass thing, that's just foolish, you should always go for big boobs! :wink:
agree, big boobs and the razor pack had to go, sold it last month
You selling stogies in Deadwood this August?
Is a frog's ass watertight?
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