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aftermarket tour pack

What do I need to get for this setup? I know I need a 4 point mount bracket, and detachable tour pack support. Do tour packs with lights come with wiring needed to integrate with existing FLTRX wiring for the rear light bar, or do I need to buy something separately? How is the wiring run to keep it hidden??

Trying to decide OEM or aftermarket. I prefer pre-painted, given my trip plans. Is Mutazu a good quality choice for a Vivid Black match
Four point detachable mount allows you to add and remove. Mine is set up this way and it works quite well. I only instal it for touring.

The Mutazu black matches well and is nice for the price. Order the tour pack stiffening plate from Harley. The Mutazo is set up for the older style mounts so you need to measure carefully and put a few spacers in to get it level. not hard but considering the price difference was wworth the effort to me. Do a search for Mutazu install and you will find some information.

Order the delux hinges and latches... look better and are of higher quality.

As for the lighting. there is a grey plug under your seat that allows plug and play for your break and running lights. Do some google searches and you will find it.

Good luck
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