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Well there's a few options out there for you. HD has a single cartridge premium ride kit which retails for around $350. The Progressive Suspension mono tubes are really good from what I hear, & they are a sealed gas charged system, which only require about 5 oz of fluid in the fork assembly for lubrication. From what I've heard, if you happen to blow one of the progressive cartridges out, you are s.o.l. You have to replace the whole cartridge. Alot of this will depend on how much you want to spend & what kind of ride quality you expect. Keep in mind that the above systems are for the forks only, the shocks are already 12", & any lower than that you're going to start comprimising ride quality.
Progressive also has a regular fork lowering kit that runs anywhere from $50 on e bay to $120. The monotubes retail for like $499.
Good Luck
Lil Chief
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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