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This may be old news, but I didn't find anything in a quick search so figured I'd throw it out there......

My Kenwood HU crapped out so I'm not thrilled about doing another install, but I learned a little trick that made life much easier.

This refers to a Kenwood HU and Biketronics retro radio install kit, other systems may or may not be similar of course. The install directions have you loosen the 4 nuts for the radio bracket (I had to remove mine entirely as a side note) and then flex the fairing while angling the radio backing plate (the black textured part that comes with their retro radio install kit). It does work, but I had to torque the living crap out of the fairing and was just waiting for the sound of my fairing breaking during the install.

I figured this out while removing the radio: If you remove the gloss black trim ring attached to the radio (the part the removable face plate sits inside of) you can simply slip that and the textured black backing plate right into place without ever loosening the radio bracket mounting bolts - it saves a ton of time and eliminates any chance of trashing your inner fairing. The radio body can slide right in through the back of the mounting plate and then you just line up the radio and trim plates. Getting the gloss black trim plate to line up does take a couple tries (the Kenwwood has several tabs that sit in slots), but it is a million times easier than screwing with the radio mounting bracket and the whole headache that goes along with it. Wish I knew this the first time around.
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