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OK, I cannot seem to find information on what is available to us rushmore owners when it comes to bluetooth options. Yes, I know there is the Sena freewire, and now the WHIM, but what about getting rid of the deck all together and move to a 3rd party option - like Sony, Pioneer, etc. There are great head units out there that can handle all of the day to day things - like GPS, Apple Play, Android play, etc. and can probably push a little more sound to the speakers (or just get better sound via an upgraded speaker), but I dont think this will address the issue that some of us have with wanting bluetooth connectivity to a headset.

Everything I read on the specs of those units the all offer bluetoth connectivity from your phone to the radion, but do not list the headset profile. What we all seem to want, is a way to have both good sound from the speakers, but also have the option to go wireless to a headset, communication system.

What options do we have ?? Is it possible to "add-on" a bluetooth module to the aftermarket units to get that, or is there another workaround ??

I wish HD would just give us owners what we want off the assembly line... but why would they start now
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