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Aftermarket TP

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I have one that I had painted and I ordered the premium hinges. They don't fit correctly, looks like I may have to grind down the lip of the top. Anyone else have an issue?
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Yep. Same exact problem. The abs is too thick for the premium stuff to work. I tried grinding & its stil not gonna work. I've made up my mind to switch to an oem pak & lid. I scored a brand new primered lid on ebay, & I've got the bottom on order from boardtracker hd. I was just going to use the new lid on my old bottom, but nothing lines up. My old pak is as sturdy as can be, but I spent the $$$$ on the premium latches & hinges & by golly I'm gonna use em!
Lil Chief
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Yeah I know it sucks, but your route is way cheaper than the way I'm going. Someone will snatch up the hinges from ya I'm sure.
Lil Chief
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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