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Thanks for checking out my thread, hopefully someone can help me out.
The problem started a few months ago. I would be driving and my radio and lights would shut off, but then come right back on. This happened a few times and then the engine would also turn off. During this the air filter cover would get extremely hot, and keep getting hotter when the bike was off. I thought it was a ground issue, so I checked all the connections under the seat.
I checked the voltages and noticed they were high at the battery. Since I just replaced the battery I concluded it was the voltage regulator, so I replaced that.
Problem continued, so I put dielectric grease on the electrical connections under the seat.
Too it out for a ride, everything seemed great..until I parked it in my garage. Then the air cover began to get hot. Has this happened to anybody else? Any guidance? I have only had the bike a few months ans the previous owner had it in storage for over a year. The bike had 15k miles when I bought it and I've put almost 2k miles on it, and haven't had any problems until recently.
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