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AirFX air ride suspension kit for a FLH Harley Davidson. I have most of the kit, you would need to buy a switch and some more air hose to mount it. All of the parts can be purchased from AirFX website. This kit was over $1200 when new. It was used for a couple years and then switched back to original when the bike was sold. Kit has just been sitting in my garage, thinking I was going to use it again but I'm cleaning house. The parts I have are:

* Standard Valve assembly FXA-1030 $135.00

*Black air ride shocks FXAVK-20098 $885.00

*Standard air compressor FXAK-2001 $150.00

Kit is pretty easy to hook up and Im sure their are instruction on the internet somewhere if needed. Prices I put next to parts is what they sell for new from AirFX website. I also have a 3 hose T connector that I'll include with everything.

asking $425 + shipping .. pay with paypal



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