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John here!
Im alwmost done with my front channel,the only thing Im having a hard time figuring out is where exactly the DSR1 fuse wire connection...the 2 exact spots where that needs to get planted?

And the last 1 is the remote turn on from the bike's 12v +accessory to the DSR1 signal processor.
The DSR1 has a solid blue wire.
How the hell do I connect that to a 12v + accessory.

Cause the 12v+accesory on the bike is in the upper left hand corner and its a little port.
How do i connect a blue wire to a port ?

Shouldnt that blue wire have a little harness on it in order for the 2 halves to connect together?

You know what I mean?
Does that make sense?

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That road trip must be sounding better by the second. Could have left this morning and had the tunes done and cranking before the game starts.
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I got it!
Thank you so much RFG7680
I didnt even realize that the red wire halves could separate, until I went and grabbed my bag in my bureau.
when I saw your pic above, my jaw literally dropped and I separated them.

Im walking around with a dam fuse and dont even realize that the stupid thing can come apart thats why I couldnt understand how a wire could fit into a port with no harness.
Now I see what the other end of the red disconnect did?
oh God, you truly are the best RFG7680
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im almost done with everything but got a few questions

I think thats it for the front channel!
Just found out Im gonna be needing another $800 to add lid speakers to my bike.
Stick with the front channel for now!
Ill keep you posted
God Bless everyone!
John S:nerd:
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