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idk, but, way back in the day, a , long haired bearded fella told me, "If Ur Only Gonna Have 1 (Motorcycle) ,it should be one you can get on, go from Here (where-ever you mite live) to California and back (i'm in O-Hi-O) and be in Comfort!
Now , depending on Prioritys, in my book, thats a Touring Machine.
We were standing out in his drive-way @ the time he stated this to me sitting on our Electra - Glides,drinking a Ice -Cold Bud-Wiper, then he opened his Garage door...
He had a Bad Ass Pan-Head Chopper up in there!!!
So, I guess he was speaking from x-perience.
We are both bout 30 years younger now, and the Dude still has that Chopper and a 2007 or 08 FLHT.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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