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Before getting my '13 RGC I had a Fat Bob. Liked it, but it really wasn't suitable for the longer trips. Not that I do that many long trips but it seems every year I'm getting more long rides in.

So, in any given week most of my riding is my county of residence and the adjoining counties. My favorite time to ride is after dinner in nice weather when traffic has died down and I still have several hours of daylight. And I do not feel disadvantaged at all by scooting around the suburbs, maybe making a stop or two, maybe grabbing a beer at an outside dining place, and getting on and off my RG numerous times. I love my RG and I don't miss my Fat Bob at all. I can only have one bike so it must "do it all" and the RG fits that bill much better than my Fat Bob could have.

Besides, now that I can have my music while I ride I'm addicted to it. :)
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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