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So I finished up with work a little early today cause, sometimes, it doesn't take all day to get 8hrs, and I wanted to finally get my American Custom Exaust, Bomber slip ons, on.
I wanted to document the difference between stock slip ons and modified stock slip ons so I downloaded a sound meter app to my iPad.
Cost of app, $1.99.
I set up my iPad, at ground level, 10 feet from the rear of my MC, I go to start the engine and.......dead battery.
I tried charging the offending battery for about 45 minutes with no luck.
Hey, the battery is five years old so, I'm sure it was time.
I go to my friendly, neighborhood HD dealer, pick up a new battery and I'm good to go.
(Yes, I'm sure I paid too much but I figured, they would have it in stock, it would be the right one for my MC and I'd probably get another 5 years out of it so, what the hell.)
So on my 2011, FLTRX with stock, decatted head pipe, ambient noise level is 45db, the engine is at idle speed the stock slip ons are at 79db.
With the new Bomber slip ons, all the same setup, 83db.
Needless to say, I was surprised at the small amount of difference.
But it does sound way better and I'm sure it'll be a lot louder at speed.
Sorry this was so anticlimactic but, what can I do but report my findings.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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