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amp and speaker upgrade

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Just completed my stereo upgrade and very pleased with outcome. Would like to thank Mr. Joke and a few others on fairing removal :D you guys are the best!
On for a few pics..
1st pic is materials used
2nd pic is oem reading with db meter (Alpine reference disc "Highway 1 track 5)
3rd and so forth are misc. intall pics
Last is the db reading afterwards...
NOTE: the titan instruction sheet is useless..dont go by it..simple install and tweeter is angled slightly so you know what to do :D


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Did you buy the plug and play amp from hawg-wired? Biketronics just sent me a pair of those HIGH ENERGY's. What do you think? I also put acoustic baffles on mine and w/o them I wasnt satisfied. I had the old Titans 6.5" and it seemed like I got more bass and fullness. The High Energy's RIP the Highs and w/the acoustic baffle enclosing the whole speaker, brings out more of the bass. Is that Dynamat I see on the inside of your fairing? Did you try it both ways. w/dynamat and w/o?
Cool Autobred, SAGRILIGOUS!, now theres a term, I havnt seen on here much, and VERY well fitting.Sounds like ya got some GOOD background when it comes to install stereo concept. Have you seen the new TWEETERS for the roadglide that hawg-wired is making? Hawg Wired is very, very nice looking well built stuff. I bought the DbleSht. pkge. last year and for what it is I'm satisfied,for now. What do you think the BEST Head Unit is that you've seen to put in,for Clarity, Power and overall Reliability? You did a fine lookn job, from your pics. That fairing is just a little intimidating at first, you'll get used to taking it off and on. I can have mine off in 10 minutes now, and back on pretty quick too.
Check out Yaffe has put his 2011 catalog up for download. He is saying that Rockford Fosgate and I (Yaffe) are combining together for the Ultimate Speakers and Head Unit. Let me know what ya think. I've been checking on ebay and R.F. has came out w/a new line of speakers. Reasonably Cheap. Specs look comparable to what I have NOW!
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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