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Hello Folks!

Last nights crop tour and report. Route was out N.E. of Calgary thru one of my favorite parts of Alberta. Rode through two typical Alberta prairie towns last night, Rockyford and Carbon. Back in their heydays both these towns had rail lines running thru them and several grain elevators. Unfortunately the rails have been taken up the grain elevators are long gone. When I rolled into Rockyford onto the main street in front of the local watering hole was in impromptu car and bike show; the locals out for a meet n greet on main street. Some pretty cool rides including a 1970 Chevy Nova that was navy blue and absolutely original but with SS wheels. 350 small block man did it sound sweet. Stupid me forgot to take pictures, only had 3 cameras with me.....

Carried on from there north toward Carbon, Alberta and the evening sunlight was beginning to get fantastic so here are a few shots. But first the crop report.....Canola still looking pretty green in the stems, only saw a handful of fields of Canola that were swathed, usually combing these after about 3 weeks. Several Pea fields were already combined and a couple of them the pea straw had been baled up. About 10% of barley fields have been combined and about the same for wheat. Wheat straw must be in demand because most of the wheat fields had the 6' round bales in them after combining. Lentils are behind in most places from what I have seen and will need a couple more weeks. Didn't pass any cornfields on last nights tour.

The photos. The one with the semi hauling grain was a timing shot, saw him coming and had to position in the ditch to get the shot, not sure I was gonna get it that clear. Shot #2 is a close up of a canola plant, the seed pods specifically.
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The tour map: Shell to Shell

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Very cool Troy!

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Hello Folks,

Well tonight being the fall equinox, I took off on what will probably be the last evening crop tour for this year. All the cereal grains seem to be done, dusted and in grain bags in the field or in the bin in the farm yard. Canola seems to be the last crop out in the field, most of it has been swathed and waiting to ripen, there is still some standing in a few areas and it will most likely be straight cut. I did see a flashback from the past, in a field just N.W. of the city there was a farmer using a pull type combine, haven't seen one of those being used in years, unfortunately I didn't get a picture. Leaves are starting to turn on the trees and it won't be long now and we'll be full into fall colour such that it is up here on the plains east of the Rocky Mountains, mostly shades of yellow, we don't really get reds or oranges out here like back east.
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Sunset in Calgary last night! Not a crop tour photo, walked out of a pre-season hockey game for the team that my wife manages and this view was before us. Enjoy!!
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Sunset in Calgary last night! Not a crop tour photo, walked out of a pre-season hockey game for the team that my wife manages and this view was before us. Enjoy!! View attachment 449187
Another Great Photo Troy!
Thanks, once again, for sharing with All of Us.
Mike U.

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WOW !! That鈥檚 a great pic Troy. I鈥檓 looking forward to the NHL Season this year. My Son and I purchased Season tickets to the Ducks. They may not contend for the Stanley Cup but they鈥檒l be an exciting young team to watch.
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