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Andrews 48H Cams are in...

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I picked up my bike last night around midnight (It's a L.V. thing. Shift work is the norm, 8-5 jobs are the oddity here) and after hanging out with the mechanic for a bit, I gave them a quick test.

All I can say is I am very impressed. I still have to throw on the tour-pac and wife, and do the critical to me passing-the-semi-from-60-mph-while-loaded test, but I think I got what I'm looking for. Idle is ever so slightly lumpier, but I can still rodeo the bike and not have it surge at idle like my 2003 R/G did with the SE 203 cams.

Power appears to come on strong just over 2000 and by the time I hit 3000 or so I better be pointed in the direction I planned, because it builds rapidly after that, all the way to 6200.

I did a couple of freeway on ramps, and was at 100 when I hit the end of one. On another, I had to back out of it at the top of the ramp as there is a slight bend, and I was carrying too much speed.

I'm positive that my 96" R/G would now seriously spank my stock 103" work bike...

I didn't dyno it, and the mechanic used a map for the SE 255 cams. He said he tweaked the map a bit, and after I ride it a bit to bring it back and he can play with it some more. He is the dyno-guy at the shop, and said that while a dyno would help, he's pretty confident that he is very close. He dynos tons of bikes, so I trust his opinion.

He did say, however, that if I was to go to a 103" it would really run. Gotta get my wife the P&A catalouge, Christmas is coming...:)

I'll see if I can get a longer ride in tomorrow, and maybe attach an audio file.
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There is another issue about switching to gear drives in the new motors and that is runout. It is now common for brand-new motors to have .005 runout, which used to be cause for concern. Now it is not considered a problem until .015 or so. That is not a good situation for running gear drive cams. Basically, I have been told my extremely knowledgeable people that there is no reason to switch on motors 2007 or later, and you may end up damaging things as well.
The guy that always does my engine work and tuning, Doc Weaver, is recommending the 48's and the Jackpot stainless 2-1-2 headpipe for my 103. That is with no other work - just Stage I, Rush 2" mufflers and a TTS tune.
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