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Annoying squeak!

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Just small example why this forum is great.
The other day I was out riding and all of a sudden at idle & low RPM's my bike started squeaking/chirping really bad, WTF. So I took it home and could not pin point where it as coming from. It sounded like it was coming from the engine, like maybe engine mounts. So before I drove myself nuts trying to figure it out I looked it up on the forum, and from what I read most of the time it's the Rubber muffler mount. Sure enough mine had shifted forward, in some cases it's a dry mount that needs a squirt of lube. Saved me the time trying to figure it out, it didn't sound like it was coming from the rear. I read some posts on guys who basically tore the whole bike apart trying to find the source.
So thanks to those who share ideas/ tips to save others from the time and hassle they went trough.
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My buddy's SG had the same thing happen. Took me 2 hours to find it!
So, just so I understand. It was the rubber muffler mount that the slip on muffs are bolted against under the saddle bags?
yep. in my case just the right side, I have 2-1. You wouldn't believe it till you heard how loud it was
Oh man! I wish I'd read this sooner. I've been going nuts tracking down a weird squeak.

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Oh man! I wish I'd read this sooner. I've been going nuts tracking down a weird squeak.

lol . The worst squeak I ever had cost me a fortune when I divorced it but at least it's gone :D
You guys are funny ha.

Surly, I really hope you didn't strip your bike to fix a rubber boot for your muffler... Ouch!
No, it's getting new paint and powder, as well as a couple of upgrades.
I've been slaving neverseeze on/inner em, messy BWTH, might try KY next
Mine does the same thing occasionally with my 2-1 Dragula, sometime pushes the rubber right out of the mount. Might try some synthetic o-ring lube next.
Try putting the rubber plug in from the other direction. I did that and it solved that issue with my bassoon.

Just noticed spell check on my phone fixed Bassani. I don't have a bassoon pipe. :)
Damn... I've had my rear end apart, etc.. trying to kill the "chirp/squeek" for about 9 months now. Only does it when it gets hot. No-joy.

i'll check out the mounts tomorrow.

Thanks gents.
Ride Safe.
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