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Annual Mileage Thread and pics

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Every year on Dec 31 after my last ride , or before my first ride on Jan 1 , I take a pic of my odd o meter mileage ... Then the same date the following year I take another pitcher of the odd o meter to see how I did or didn't do ..

So stand by to put yer pics up , then we'll revisit in a year ..

This year I may hit 10000 for the year , I'm not getting the 25-40k years in anymore like I used to did ..


Jan 1 2015

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I have had my 2015 RGS for 17-1/2 months and I have already racked up over 33,600+ miles. Here is a picture from when I turned 30,000 miles. The bike has been great.

I'm at the 44,400 mile mark currently on my 2015 RGS
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