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Anyone have a 16p front on a 15 RG

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Anyone have a 160 front on a 15 RG

I am struggling with height (short legs own me). So, since I like fat front and rear, I thought a new set of wheels, smaller front and stock rear. I know I am messing with the ride but am not chasing a hot rod cornering beast. BTW, Ive lowered front and back by an inch and no good.

Any suggestions on what someone has done to their 2015 RG appreciated.
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You're not really going to gain much by going to a smaller wheel. The smaller wheel uses tires that have a taller sidewall which keeps the front at the same height.
HD went with larger wheels but lower profile tires which result in a less comfortable ride IMO but it pretty much kept the bike height the same.
If there is a low profile 16 inch tire for the front then it would lower the bike some. It may be easier to find low profile rear tires in the wider format.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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