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Anyone have an actual experience with Astech Seats?

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I know there is a least one per here on Road that raved about them but I can't remember who. I'm thinking of having them do their thing to my CVO's Le Pera Maverick in the off-season but thought I'd get a thread going here to see if anyone has already tried them and what their opinions are. So if you've had them redo your seat, please chime in!

For those that have not heard of them, here is their website and what they do: The Technology | Astech Seats
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It wasn't me who said it... But I love my seat now with gel and memory foam from them. I had to struggle riding threw a tank of gas and would be the first one off the bike when stopped. Now seat time is not an issue.

I did send it back to get reworked once.. And their customer service was great.
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