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Anyone like the stock tall shield?

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Just curious if anyone runs a stock style tall shield? Obviously the stock 2010 shield is a bad joke from HD. Not even being able to ride like that from the horrible wind noise, my brother lent me his stock 07 shield to try and I like it.

I see everyone talk about the wind that comes over the shield, that "makes your goggles lift". But my experience was NO wind over the shield, but lots of wind shooting up from under the fairing around the gas tank, which DID directly shoot into my face and lifted my goggles.

That issue was solved by adding on the wind deflector that bolts to the lower triple tree. It comes stock on some years, but not on my 2010. As soon as I added that on, almost ALL the upward air stream around the tank was gone. Now I have a shield that I like that looks good, no air flow issues, and I didn't have to buy a new shield.

Just curious on everyone's thoughts.
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I think Joe had the Bike for 3 or 4 days. Once the Silver Leaf was put on he had to spray a thin coat of clear over that. I dropped it off to him on a Monday and picked it up on Friday or Saturday. I paid him $500.00. I love the Road Glide... But I wouldn't be caught without the Taller Windsheild! I've also put a Hawg-Wired DbleShot. Pkge up underneath the Fairing.Makes them Tunes Crystal Clear!And the Wheels are RC Components "NITRO" 200mm tire 17-6.25 and 21-3.5 up front.Later Bro.
Very nice!
That was about what I was hoping you'd say! Definitely got your moneys worth for $500. Nice ride.
For those of you who are new to the air deflector (or dam) attached to the tripple tree. This device is great in the colder months as it deflects cold air that comes across from the top of the front fender downwards. The Harley engineers recommend that it be removed in warm weather so the heated air coming off the engine gets blown away and disapated. It does make for a little more comfortable ride in the winter as well as the warmer months when it is removed. I have tested it's effect using plastic ribbons and streamers and it does work. Even with the air dam in use, there will be a considerable amount of air which is pushed up between the front of the gas tank and the tripple tree, an open area of about 5 or 6 inches. Now if I can just figure out some means of filling that area with a block of foam padding or something, for winter driving.
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HD stock tall windshield

Just bought an '09 Road Glide and have been researching all I can about shields. Found a guy locally with much deeper pockets than me who has tried 4 different manufacturers and still says he's searching. Thought from online research I'd love the Klockwerks 16" but after taking a ride with it on this guys RG I hated it. Seemed like no difference than the 8" I have. I ended up going with the HD tall and find it quite comfortable. My wife says it's not bad for her either. I'll keep it till I find the "perfect" one.
Ever wonder why the factory ships those Rode Glides from the factory with those little shorty dark windscreens? It is because they are in the business of selling as many motorcycles as fast as they can, They are also in the business of selling aftermarket parts, at the same or greater speed. People shop with their eyes. Those sexy, short, dark windscreens sell motorcycles faster than the tall ones do. Another thing is that not too many people take a bike out to ride it before they actually purchase it and take it home. That is hard to believe, isn't it? Once they get it home and take it out for a ride they soon discover they have trouble hearing the radio above 50 mph. Not to mention the fact that something is blowing the hell out of their head, shoulders and helmet. Ever see one of those bobble head dolls which used to adorn the windshield area of a 55 Chevy? That is what we look like, caught up in all that turbulence.
Is there an answer? Well, kind of, sorta. There are a whole list of things we are dealing with here, but for most of us we need only be concerned with three things. Windscreen, airdam and lowers. The laws of physics affects everyone. If you are short, you don't cause as much of a problem because you don't disrupt the slipstream created by that Sharknose. Those of us who are above, shall we say 5'10" tend to have more problems with turbulence. If you are 6' or above, you have big problems with turbulence on your Road Glide.
In order to have the most enjoyable ride on a Road Glide, you will at the end of the day need three things to be in place:
1. A tall windscreen. It does not look as cool but it works. If you are above 6' tall, you will probably need one at least 16" tall. If it has a recurve on it, the better. 2. You need the air dam installed between the tripple tree. It works. 3. Get yourself a set of lowers if you can swing it. Used in combination, these three things will give you as good a riding experience as you are going to get with an open air vehicle. There is no magic brand of windscreen. They all do the same thing, divurt the wind. The most important factor with any windscreen is height. Short ones look better, tall ones work better. Thin ones vibrate more, thick ones don't. Also, if you are a tall person and can not stand to look "through" the windscreen, you are going to have to learn to live with the turbulence. You have to decide which is most important. As far as lowers go, you don't have much choice here. You can either opt for the Harley brand or the HoggChopps brand. Both work but the HoggChopps brand probably lets your engine run a tad bit cooler in the summer months because of their orientation to the engine. Both look good. One brand however, costs about twice as much as the other. I think everyone here can guess which brand costs more.
I don't set myself up to be an expert on anything, althought I am from "out of town".These are my views from years of riding my own Road Commodes and as everyone knows, (no pun intended) opinions are like noses, everyone has one. Good riding to everyone.
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I enjoy my little shield. I am only 5'5" so I don't need anything that tall. I also have a KW shield that helps push the wind around me. With all that said, I have the stock tall shield that has only been on the bike when it was in the showroom if anyone is interested. Just pay for shipping and it is yours.
I enjoy my little shield. I am only 5'5" so I don't need anything that tall. I also have a KW shield that helps push the wind around me. With all that said, I have the stock tall shield that has only been on the bike when it was in the showroom if anyone is interested. Just pay for shipping and it is yours.
I'll take it.
I'll take it.
PM sent...
Got the PM, and just sent you a reply. Thanks, PAB
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